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DPL at the International Exhibition ANKIROS 2018

In addition to producing high-quality foundry products, we always aspire to strengthen existing business connections and establish the new relations. Therefore, the representatives of our company visited one of the leading exhibitions in the field of metallurgy – Ankiros – in October 2018. The international exhibition of technologies, equipment and products of the foundry industry was organized at the highest level, thereby, we were able to get acquainted with the trends of metallurgical industry development and to realize the possibility of promoting our products.

In conclusion, we may note that ANKIROS-2018 was a good platform for the presentation of DPL production capabilities and for the experience exchange with colleagues from metallurgical industry.

We express the endless gratitude to our colleagues for the rewarding work at the exhibition. We are absolutely confident that new acquaintances will grow into mutually beneficial business relations.

Production of Distilled Water

Melting department is the “flaming heart” of each foundry and “Dnepropromlit” is not an exception. One of the conditions for ensuring the high productivity of induction casting furnaces is the elimination of equipment shutting down due to its overheating. Otherwise, performance of the units will drop violently and an emergency situation may occur, which will lead to the activation of the protection systems or even to the failure of the equipment.

Only distilled water is used for cooling since it gives the possibility to avoid the sediment formation on the cooling system vessel walls. Nevertheless, earlier purchased distilled water was expensive, had poor quality and led to losses during TFC operation.

Therefore, our own distiller for pure water for TFC operation was successfully purchased and installed during the overhaul at DPL.

Cooperation with Educational Institutions

For the purpose of vocational guidance, our company was visited by senior pupils of Slobozhanskaya School № 1. The Human Resources team with the Head of machine-assembly production department conducted for children an excursion tour throughout the foundry and familiarized them with the work of CNC machine operators.

During the tour, senior pupils listened to a short story about the work of a modern foundry and were also invited to participate in the process of parts measurement by using the coordinate measuring machine FARO GAGE.

We trust that our young guests enjoyed the excursion to the foundry. Hopefully, one of them will become a student of the relevant faculty in one of the universities in future, and later on, will become a member of our team, since DPL is a promising place to work with modern equipment, interesting tasks and decent wage level.

We would like to express special gratitude to S. Kizhaev – the Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering faculty of Ukrainian State Chemical Engineering University – and to T. Demchenko – Deputy Director of Slobozhanskaya School № 1 – for their assistance in organizing the vocational guidance event.

General Overhaul as а Base for Stable Operation of Equipment

One of the conditions for the efficient operation at any enterprise is the availability of a well-functioning mechanism for performing repair works. The lower share of expenses for the equipment maintenance and repair in the cost of production ensures the higher manufacturing efficiency. The preventive maintenance (PM) system is the best way to prevent irrational production losses and to reduce the overhaul costs.

The PM system is a set of various works, aimed to technical maintenance and equipment repair, performed according to prearranged plan. In terms of maintenance content, complexity and frequency, scheduled repairs are divided into current, average and general overhaul, where the last one is the most expensive and time-consuming process. Conducting of general overhaul is a great achievement of DPL.

Summing up the results of the recent overhaul, we would like to admit the high level of responsibility, discipline and qualification of the maintenance team. Due to the availability of organizational practice and financial arrangement all planned works were performed efficiently under normal operating conditions. Main overhaul results by sectors are presented below.

Molding department. All inserts and other FBO spare parts have been replaced. It will ensure precision of the machine during blend molding and, accordingly, reduce the quantity of defective products. In addition, the such kind of works were performed, which with minimal financial investment are very costly in terms of time and human resources. Thus, Chief Power Engineer and Instrumentation Automation Engineer conducted a revision of all electrical sensors, performed modernization of molding machine in order to increase its reliability by installing a special supplementary unit. The achievement of casting conveyor highest efficiency became possible as well due to overhaul performance at DPL.

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Congratulations on Metallurgist’s Day!

Dear Metallurgists!

Dear valued Colleagues and Partners!

Our work is only for strong, persistent, hard-working people!

We would like to express our endless gratitude for your daily work, fruitful cooperation and dedication to the common cause!

Kindly accept our sincerest wishes of good health, happiness, prosperity and great professional achievements for you and your families!


On the 20th of May our city Dnipro became a center of “running” Ukraine, having collected 3000 runners with 8000 spectators. This year, the third Interpipe DNIPRO HALF MARATHON 2018 received the highest 5 stars rating from the European Athletic Association and set a new record for the entire duration of the event, confirming the status of Dnipro as a sporting capital with huge ambitions! Route of the main half-marathon distance was traditionally held along the Dnipro embankment; the start and finish took place at the central square “Heroes of Maidan”.

We are proud to share that this year we have become a part of the grandiose running event: our athlete and activist – Human Resources Director Elena Dorotskaya – easily crossed the distance of 21 km, once again proved herself not only as a professional in the field of HR but demonstrated a high sports training and active civil position as well!

Cooperation with specialized educational institutions

Human Resources department of our company knows firsthand about the catastrophic shortage of production workers. On the one hand, it is quite difficult nowadays to find highly qualified staff, experienced and professional, trained to work in our field, on the other hand, frequently young specialists cannot find a job by their specialty and eventually agree to work in any field.

In order not to lose the base given to students by educational institutions, to add modern and practical skills to this knowledge and to train graduates for work in manufacturing, the management of our company decided to collaborate with specialized educational institutions and to provide an opportunity of internship at “DPL” for students.

Over the past two years, in cooperation with tutors and lecturers of colleges and universities we help students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, trying to convince them to work in their specialty. For example, our foundry provides an excellent opportunity for operators of CNC machine tools to keep pace with the times due to the availability of modern equipment. Thus, this job is not only interesting, but also well paid.

Many young specialists return to our foundry after practice as employees, therefore, we are proud to announce the project of cooperation with profile educational institutions successful and promising for the students themselves and for us as an employer.

Launching of INDEMAK melting furnaces

We are proud to announce the successful launch of induction melting furnaces INDEMAK 1100 KW (900 + 200KW Duet power platform)

Main advantages of this equipment are the following:

  •  New modern and reliable furnace design (safe operation, minimal environmental pollution, long life service).
  •  Adjustment performed by Indemak team.
  •  Melting volume 1.5 tons + 1.5 tons.
  •  Frequency of 50Hz (the average frequency of mixing allows for better metal melting and for complex alloys castings production).
  •  Ability of both furnaces to work together from one installation.
  •  Uniformity of alloy and chemical structure on each individual melting.

The benefits listed above provide an increase in production volumes and improve the quality of products.

Modernization of the workshop for foundry cores manufacturing

World statistics show that the production of foundry cores by technology COLD-BOX replaced most of the thermal curing processes of cores due to the necessity to increase productivity and to comply with environmental standards. As the development of our company takes place in accordance with modern trends, we are pleased to inform regarding the purchase of automatic core machine Laempe LL20 (Germany).

New machine will significantly increase the productivity and quality of produced cores by using the COLD BOX method. The main technological advantages of this method are:

• high dimensional accuracy of cores and castings;
• equable strength distribution of the core by its cross-section;
• ability to manufacture cores, combining delicate and massive elements;
• obtaining more complicated cores without additional technological operations for assembling.

Thereby, launch of the new equipment will guarantee the increasing of casting quality and will allow us to master and launch your most complicated multi-sheeted parts within the shortest time frames.

Purchasing of new melting furnaces INDEMAK

LLC “Dnepropromlit” is one of the leading companies, which produces goods of high-strength spheroidal graphite iron, alloyed iron and heat-resistant steel. In order to maintain a leading position in the foundry market, we actively expand the list of manufactured goods, implement innovative casting technologies and optimize technological processes by investing in the purchase of new equipment.

New melting furnaces INDEMAK (Turkey) were purchased by “Dnepropromlit” as a part of manufacturing modernization project. Supplied furnaces are characterized by convenient design, safety, minimal air pollution and long-life service. The new equipment allows to increase the production of liquid metal, to improve the quality of alloys. After the performance of commissioning works we will increase our production capabilities by expanding the range of manufactured castings with heavy castings (weight up to 2.5 tons).

Our main task is to implement your foundry manufacturing projects with maximum efficiency, based on best technical solutions, within the shortest timeframes.

Choose the best, we won’t fail!