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Mastered new technological process of alloyed cast irons production

On site the new technological process of special alloyed cast irons production had been mastered, it serves to the castings of piston group which have such elements in chemical composition as chromium, molybdenum, copper, titanium, vanadium, phosphorus in the defined technical documentation within.

The new cooperation with “DieselService”

“Gornotrasportnaya companiya” and “Dneprovagonmash”
DPL LLC is continuing working on new castings mastering for the railway transport started cooperation with the company “DieselService”, “Gornotrasportnaya companiya” and “Dneprovagonmash». Cooperation with these companies allows us to produce castings for freight cars “Dumpcar», which are operated in the mining industry, as well as to continue successfully implement the existing production of “Car cushioning unit bodies PMKP-110″ for new partner “Dneprovagonmash».

Cooperation with the company “Ukrhozimpeks”

Our company continues to expand sales market of products for the construction and building industry. In 2015 DPL LLC started cooperation with “Ukrhozimpeks” Company on supply of the galvanized nuts (D90 and D100, which are applied in the concrete boxing for monolithic construction).

D-U-N-S number

Usually foreign companies before signing a new contract or prior to any changes in the conditions of the already existing agreement necessarily check on the activities of the certain Ukrainian company. To get the information on development of such company on the Ukrainian market they may address their request to the independent information sources. One such source which is used by US and European Companies is Dun & Bradstreet Europe organization. To make such information about the Company available for extensible approach you should have so-called DUNS number.

D-U-N-S ® (DUNS) Number is a 9 digit identification number that is assigned to each company that enters the database D&B and always remains invariable. Since the database of enterprises of D&B covers the largest number of companies in the world (at the moment more than 140 millions), the D-U-N-S has become the de facto the identifier for enterprises of the planet. D&B uses the D-U-N-S to describe the company relationships with the associated: parental companies, subsidiaries and affiliates.

It is recommended to use and is required in the work of more than 50 world industrial and commercial organizations, including the UN, the Federal Government of the United States, European Commission. Many of the Ukrainian enterprises have already faced with this situation when drawing up loan in American bank or work with a major American company has led to necessity of obtaining the D-U-N-S numbers for your Company.

In March 2015 DPL LLC immediately became more transparent to its potential and existing European partners having received the DUNS number (681102850). This event would be another milestone in the development of the company and the motto of the company “While improving we improve” is fully displays the spirit and wish of the company to move forward.

The Day of Metallurgist !!!

Conventionally in Ukraine the Day of Metallurgist is celebrated in July.

We would like to convey our sincere congratulations to all of our partners and personnel on their professional holiday.

 Despite the fact that Ukrainian foundry industry sustains difficult times nowadays, we are doing our best to keep up working flow, to produce new products, to meet partnership engagements. But, of course, we do not forget about corporate events as a main factor in cohesion of our team.

Traditionally our enterprise celebrates the Day of Metallurgist in a way of a corporative party. This year the event was held at the airfield Kamenka. All employees could take a ride on the plane and see our beautiful city with a bird’s-eye view.

 All the personnel of DPL Company have had a perfect rest at the celebration and with renewed vigor and energy started the implementation of the most daring projects.


We welcome our new partners

The beginning of the month has been marked by another delightful event for our company. Thanks to deep business commitment, numerous negotiations a contract has been concluded and signed for a supply of batch produced castings for JSC Avtokraz – the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles and series cargo heavy-weight trucks. The volume of the order allows to considerably expand the range of manufactured castings and achieve the rise in the castings production output at JSC ‘DPL’ by 60 tons monthly. Welcome our ner partners to DPL family!

En route to new developments

The manufacturing facilities of JSC DPL have made new achievements. Another record for the volume of goods manufactured in one shift has been established  - 8746 kg! Our growth and development cease not for a single second.

Updated CRM-system implementation

To determine the priority of our orders and minimize risks, JSC DPL has introduced an updated proprietary CRM-system, advising improvements to the algorithms and methods of evaluation for our clients and suppliers ccording to a number of basic criteria. Thanks to the introduction of the system a huge optimization has been advised in terms of work organization as well as the capabilities of the accounts management.