Iron Casting

Iron casting manufacturing technologies


Iron casting by green-sand molding line with application of flaskless molding machines FBO-II and FDNX mfg. HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO MASCHINENFABRIK Gmbh (Germany).

  •  Casting size – 460 mm x 360 mm
  •  Casting height – up to 400 mm
  •  Casting weight – from 0.2 kg to 20 kg
  •  Production rate – 120 molds per hour by each line

 Iron casting by vacuum-film molding on the base of facility VDT-6 mfg. HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO MASCHINENFABRIK Gmbh (Germany).

  •  Casting size – 1550 mm x 1200 mm
  •  Casting height – up to 600 mm
  •  Casting weight – from 50 kg to 2500 kg
  •  Production rate – 6-10 molds per hour

Foundry “Dnepropromlit” produces iron casting of the following grades:

  •  gray cast iron: GG 20,  GG 25 etc.
  •  ductile iron: GGG 450-10, GGG 400-15, GGG 420-12, GGG 507, GGG 603, etc.
  •  low-alloyed siliceous heat-resistant and wear-resistant cast iron


Steel Casting manufacturing orders from DPL

The main worthwhile reasons for steel casting orders from us are the following:

  •  15 years of manufacturing experience and own technological designs
  •  Modern equipment and highly qualified personnel
  •  Own certified laboratory
  •  Compliance of technological discipline at all stages of production
  •  Wide range of foundry products with European quality
  •  Stable price for iron casting orders