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Modernization of the workshop for foundry cores manufacturing

World statistics show that the production of foundry cores by technology COLD-BOX replaced most of the thermal curing processes of cores due to the necessity to increase productivity and to comply with environmental standards. As the development of our company takes place in accordance with modern trends, we are pleased to inform regarding the purchase of automatic core machine Laempe LL20 (Germany).

New machine will significantly increase the productivity and quality of produced cores by using the COLD BOX method. The main technological advantages of this method are:

• high dimensional accuracy of cores and castings;
• equable strength distribution of the core by its cross-section;
• ability to manufacture cores, combining delicate and massive elements;
• obtaining more complicated cores without additional technological operations for assembling.

Thereby, launch of the new equipment will guarantee the increasing of casting quality and will allow us to master and launch your most complicated multi-sheeted parts within the shortest time frames.