CNC machines

Here you may learn more about our equipment for CNC machining

Modern and efficient manufacturing of iron and steel castings is hardly imaginable without ancillary processes of machining and mechanical treatment. Availability of high-performance molding and casting equipment as well as core shooting machinery does not guarantee the highest quality of ready castings due to obvious casting process limitations.

Following the requirements and the technical standards, existing in the market of ductile iron and high grade steel castings manufacturing, DPL has provisioned its manufacturing facility with a high-performance CNC machining department, equipped with modern vertical and horizontal machining centers by world’s leading CNC machinery manufacturers.

Nowadays, the machining department of Ltd. ‘DPL’ is represented by the following CNC milling equipment: 

Vertical Machining Center Awea BM-850 / Awea BM-1020

High-performance vertical multi-purpose machining centers

Packed with industry leading technology and top quality components, the AWEA BM Series machining centers combine incredible power, strength, and speed to bring you the ultimate machining power. These powerful maximum performance machines will easily accomplish the demanding milling applications of today and tomorrow. With a wide range of models performance values and many spindle configurations, installed in Ltd. ‘DPL’, would suit every application by the most demanding customer. The BM Series offers 4 models BM 850/ BM 1020/ BM 1200/BM 1460 with 600 mm (23.6″) of Y-axis travel. Furthermore, many of the features inherent in the installed machines come as a standard, while similar options are not available in the same range of machines from other brands or have more costly options to be found on competitors’ machines. Outstanding performance in compact size, characteristic of AWEA CNC machining centers, makes the leading positions of such machines for precision parts absolutely obvious, with most of the functions and options being partially unique. Features such as extended Y-axis with 4 box ways, 20 drum ATC, spindle oil cooler, rigid tapping, and high-speed controls are standard plus many more high-performance characteristics.

Advantages of ВМ-series machining centers (CNC machining centers BM-850 and BM-1020):

  • Ultra-fast rapids of 24 meters/min. on X & Y axes.
  • Extra-long Y-axis travel offers greater machining capacity in terms of machined parts dimensions.
  • Fully enclosed splashguards keep chips and coolant contained for safe and clean working environment.
  • The 40-Taper machining centers are equipped with optional 24 / 30 / 32 / 40 tool swing-arm ATCs, which enables to provide quicker and more stabilized machining sequence.
  • All Spindle and servo motors, including drives, are FANUC αi series components to ensure peak machining performance and accuracy. X, Y, and Z axes are driven by over-sized FANUC αi series AC servo motors, providing tremendous thrust outputs with faster acceleration and deceleration.

Horizontal 4-axis machining center Kitamura H-400 manufactured Kitamura Machinery Co., Ltd., Japan is a compact-size high-precision horizontal CNC machining center developed on the basis of a broad range of technical developments, accumulated together for over 60 years of brand’s history, flawless workability of Kitamura technological components in the worldwide market of universal machining and CNC machining center solutions. The Kitamura MyCenter H-400 has embodied the most progressive technical solutions, with MyCenter series rightfully considered as one of the most technically advanced ranges of horizontal machining centers for the purpose of executing milling operations for a wide range of components, including ductile iron and heat-resistant castings.

Kitamura H-400 machining center requires far less installation site dimensions than its ‘brothers in arms’ from machining industry, nonetheless possessing the same functionality of the larger models from other brands. It can be further adapted and assembled into a straight production line including vertical CNC milling machines. This provides for a maximum flexibility and a high rate of diversification of milling machining operations at the range of CNC machinery, installed in Ltd. ‘DPL’ production. Moreover, the production line for CNC machining, installed in the plant formed by a number of horizontal and vertical milling machining centers ensures the maximum performance and efficiency of every machining process undertaken. 

Horizontal 4-axis 6-pallet machining center Makino MC65

The basis of Makino production philosophy is the lean manufacturing, accordance with Kanban, 5S and TPS concepts, which find their way in the realization of most advanced and high-performance production solutions by Makino Milling Machine Ltd. In the heart of the brand’s conceptual image of the efficient production lie the following maxims: maximum performance, extremely lean manufacturing, steadily high results and unparalleled quality of products serving as a perfect match for customers’ technical requirements and manufacturing demands.  JSC ‘DPL’ is not new to the mentioned concepts, with all of these being continuously and consistently realized in the development strategy and business advancements of our company. To comprehend the full extent of Japanese management and its concepts we desperately needed a true Japanese, both in its spirit and its realization.

Therefore, the first machine in our hefty arsenal was a horizontal 4-axis 6-pallet machining center Makino MC65 – a Japan-made wonder and a steadily high-performing leader of JSC DPL’s CNC machining production line.  This machine has become a centerpiece and the last ‘piece of puzzle’ for our CNC machining line, providing a sense of completion for the full-range machining processes capabilities at JSC ‘DPL’ and endowing our company a status of high-quality casting manufacturing (advanced foundry) and a highly successful manufacturing site, capable of carrying out the most complex CNC machining projects for every type of components there is. 

Doosan QL300H horizontal lathing machining center

Schuster VTM 350 – Vertical lathing machining center

Mazak V 515 - Vertical milling machining center

EMAG VSC 315 – 2-position lathing machining center

Weeke Optimal BP 155 – wood working machining center