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What we stand for?

Our mission and vision of company’s development help us to glimpse into the future with confidence, remaining true to our ambitions and undertakings. It is namely the commitment to these principles that helped in the evolution of our company in the form it exists nowadays. We fear not to envisage the future and stand aware that those are our mission and vision which inspire us to reveal our potential to its maximum, guiding us upon an uneasy path of successful and expedient managerial decision-making. Our company, as an alliance of the like-minded, keeps on moving forward, optimizing our business processes and production practices, and attaining a distinguishing title of a Leader of Casting Industry.


Our Company Mission:

We are a company of leadership and innovation. Our motto is
‘The First. The Best. Today.’. For us every project is not only the source of profit – it is, in the first place, a challenge, which we eagerly accept being fully consistent in our capabilities. We are in a constant search pushing the limits of all thinkable – both in our casting manufacture and in the implemented business processes. Our mission has 4 underlying principles:

Continuous self-development and achievement of highest business standards – each project endorses our self-improvement for the sake of our clients.

Maximum opportunities for our clients within the most favorable time frame – ‘efficiency’ is not just a word, it is a keystone of our existence.

Attaining the status of undisputable leader of casting industryour casting is not only our pride, but also a tool in conquering the summits of the business-Olympus.

Openness to innovations and persistent search –we dare to challenge any hurdles since the very cornerstone of our philosophy is breaking through the boundaries of the possible.


Our Company Vision:Our primary objective is to be innovative, flexible and reliable partners in the realities of the contemporary world. The structure of our company, as well as its general vector of development, serves the main purpose of existence of our company as a solid business – obtaining a continuous, well-balanced, sustainable growth and development and becoming a multi-faceted, diversified and creative business entity.

Our vision dwells upon the main structural elements, which serve as a
pivot of our current business model:

Personnel – our company is aspiring to be a perfect job for energetic and creative employees, whose inspiration is a basis of business profitability.

Projects – we are ready to participate in the most venturous undertakings, supporting our clients both in the ideas generation and their realization.

 Leadership – company’s management sees the path to excellence within the industry through a strong-knit team of like-minded people, headed by a leader – a colleague and a mentor.

 Partners – only through small step-by-step achievements do the companies grow global. We value each and every partners of ours and we are glad to continuously expand our connections and partner geography.

  Profits we see no shame in setting our primary goal in profit maximization however the principle of its fulfillment is, ultimately, in a conscientious approach to our commitments and principles.

Productivity – 3000 tons of high-quality cast-iron and special steels casting yield is nowhere near the limit for a company, which constantly reshapes the understanding of the concept of production ‘efficiency’ for the whole industry.

Quality – the essential point for our company is not in attaining the goal by any means necessary, but rather to fulfill the task according to the highest worldwide industrial standards.