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New manufacturing technologies for railway industry

The machining & assembly department of JSC DPL has developed and mastered a technology of new railway parts machining – KPP-5 Railway Anchor (dowel) new machining schedule at horizontal machining center MAKINO MC 65. This innovative method of machining allows to drastically reduce the costs for production of the mentioned part and creates the possibility to ship 100%-ready goods directly to the customer without additional outsource treatment.

Welcome to our new web-site

We are delighted to welcome you in our new website. We have put our best effort to create a web-page that would be at the same time convenient, simple, with friendly interface and maximum amount of information about our plant. Our new website is fruit of our 20-year development as a company that possesses the highest business standards, innovative approach to manufacturing and business organization and a considerable resource potential. Welcome to JSC ‘DPL’