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About green sand molding process

Manufacturing of green sand molds is considered the most common process of temporary sand molds production worldwide. The manufacturing process is defined, above all, by high-volume production output, low production cost, as well as the simplicity of managing the molding process. Since the price reduction will persist to be one of the most important trends in the casting industry, the green sand mold manufacturing processes will remain one of the main assets for the casting manufacturing companies.

Currently, most foundries employ different versions of technical solutions for molding machines and compaction methods within green sand molding process. The choice of equipment depends on the type of castings, manufacturing volumes, environmental regulations, etc.

From its earliest days, LLC DPL rested its choice upon the state-of-the-art process of horizontal flaskless molding, notable for its high performance and considerable quality of castings output.

Green sand process in LLC DPL

Green sand molding (green sand process) with the use of horizontal flaskless molding machines FDNX and FBO-II by HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO (co-designed by Sintokogio, Ltd., Japan and HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO Machinenfabrik Gmbh, Germany) manufactured to the technologies of Sintokogio, Ltd., Japan.

Material for download FDNX

Model FBO-II:

Model FDNX:

  • Width x Length (mm)
  • 350 х 450

  • Height (мм)
  • Top mold half 150 / Bottom mold half 150

  • Molding process
  • Simultaneous manufacturing of top and bottom mold halves through aeration and hydraulic-pneumatic impact pressure.

  • Molding time span (mind.)
  • 36 sec./mold

  • Molding pressure (max.)
  • 70 N/cm2 (regulated, 2 stages)

  • Aeration pressure for molding mixture
  • 0,5-1,8 bar

  • Main drive
  • Air-actuated и hydraulic-pneumatic

  • Air flow rate
  • 1,0 Nm3 /mold

  • Service pressure (air)
  • 5,5 bar ± 0,5 bar

  • Power source
  • Operating voltage 100 – 240 V AC
    Control voltage 24 V DC

  • Mold weight
  • Around 71 kg

  • Machine weight (net)
  • 3 100 kg

    Key advantages of flaskless molding machines FBO and FDNX by Heinrich Wager Sinto:

    High production performance

    With mold dimensions from 500 х 400 mm to 450 х 350 mm correspondingly, FBO and FDNX molding machines are capable of manufacturing molds at a rate of 150 molds per hour.

    Environment friendly technology.

    The self-contained system avoids over-filling with sand, thus providing a clean working environment and humane working conditions. In the development of the compaction system and the mechanical handling system, special attention was given to keep the noise levels to a minimum. FBO lines meet all present day demands for environment friendly technology.

    Drag box shuttle.

    A shuttle system enables the drag box to roll out of the machine for safe insertion of the core under good ergonomic working conditions.

    Sustainable quality

    Precise mold broaching and parallel mold coupling with the help of four rod guides with the assistance of the maximum value of molding pressure of 70 N/cm2 greatly improves the quality of finished castings, making it sustainably high.

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