CNC machining

LLC DPL – is a high-achieving leader of casting industry of Ukraine and CIS countries. The company occupies leading roles in the segment of ductile iron casting (nodular cast iron) and steel casting for high-grade steels – heat-resistant, wear-resistant, special alloy and acid-resistant steels. Our extensive know-how in casting manufacturing, technological achievements, modern equipment, highly-trained staff and wide range of products are capable of satisfying the most advanced requirements of any customer, foreign and domestic alike. These factors contribute to our development and new summits conquered by us in our work.

Our special pride and joy are our castings, manufactured with state-of-the-art casting equipment with automatic flaskless molding as well as with the help of Vacuum-molding (V-process) equipment.

However, manufactured castings do not always possess the properties of the finished product and often require lengthy refinement or special treatment in order to obtain marketable condition and surface specifications. Apparently the castings are not always eligible as ready-to-use or ready-to-install parts. Furthermore, high-quality castings require the production of high-precision molding tools. All this resulted in a demand for equipment capable of performing quality machining of castings and molding tools.

These requirements led our company to fitting and installing a full-scale machining department in our plant, wielding a hefty arsenal of CNC milling machinery manufactured by leading Japanese, Korean and Chinese machinery suppliers.


CNC Machining capacities of LLC DPL are fully represented by a range of CNC milling centers by Makino Milling Machine Company (Japan), Kitamura Machinery (Japan), AWEA (Taiwan / PRC)

Nowadays, it is next to impossible to imagine a production facility, specifically a ductile iron casting facility, not equipped with support machinery for ready products machining. What was previously concentrated around general-purpose machines for milling and turning operations, has progressed over the last decade into the development of high-end mechanisms and machinery for precision finishing operations for metal surfaces. The shift to the domain of CNC machining has not gone unnoticed by our foundry. Understanding the urgent need for change and growth, our company management has streamlined our machining capacities into the area of precision automatic machining and advised prolific funding into the purchase of the fully-fitted machining department.

Our company development over its 15-year term saw a high stake put not only on the quality casting and molding, but as well on another tenet of its existence – quality precision machining, embracing modern machining centers, qualified engineering staff and introduction of technically sustainable innovations.

Among the vital purchases made for the department were high-performance vertical machining centers AWEA BM-850 (axis travel capacity of 850/600/600 mm) and AWEA BM-1020 (axis travel capacity of 1020/600/600 mm), horizontal 4-axis machining centre Kitamura Mycentre H400 (axis travel capacity of 610/460/510 mm) and horizontal 4-axis 6-pallet machining centre Makino MC65 (axis travel capacity of 635/560/510 mm). These machining capabilities form up a powerful and high-performance mechanical treatment department, capable of dealing with production projects of any complexity and challenge the most technically-advanced CNC milling projects.

To ensure the maximum performance for projects, requiring general-purpose machining tools, our company has at its disposal multi-purpose drilling, milling and boring machines and CNC-milling machines.

CNC modules by Japanese CNC pioneer Fanuc, installed in our milling equipment is the guarantee of unparalleled quality of machining operations and a hallmark of production capacity of our equipment. 

LLC DPL offer a wide variety of production capacities and manufacturing projects:

Development and production of pattern equipment, tooling from wood, aluminum, plastic materials for every existing casting method – HTS-process, Green Sand Casting, Lost-foam casting, Vacuum molding (V-process), gravity die casting, centrifugal casting and general die-casting.

Development and production of core boxes and tooling for stamping.

Development and production of tools and tooling for machining for large- and middle-batch manufacturing of mechanical parts.

Manufacturing and testing of samples for the purpose of obtaining specific mechanical properties.

Corrosion-resistant coating of the ready products by hot-dip galvanizing method.

LLC DPL, hence, possesses every capacity to carry out series machining of mechanical parts of any complexity. The most viable advantages of such machining:

Considerable advancements in the level of technicality of the manufacturing – our technologies pave the way to our leadership in the market;     

Progressive technology of machining – we are developing today and confidently look in the future of machining;

High quality of products and decrease of cost per part – we take care of your economic effect and optimal quality results.  

Increase productivity – our aim is middle- and large-batch manufacturing of ever-expanding range of castings and machined parts.  

You are welcome to learn more about specifications for machining equipment installed in our factory – please follow the link below to ‘Equipment – Machining department’