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Mold Pattern Equipment Manufacturing


Mold pattern is a set of tools for castings production, which includes a model of casting, models of pouring system elements, model plates, core boxes, flasks, etc. High-quality molding equipment is crucially important for highest quality manufacturing of castings. Therefore, foundry “Dnepropromlit” provides highly qualified services for molding equipment manufacturing for all methods of casting:

Stages of Mold Pattern Manufacturing

“Dnepropromlit” offers services for design and manufacture of complex aluminum molds, wooden mold patterns, etc.

Highly qualified experienced personnel and availability of our own production facilities allow us to perform quick, but high-quality works.

The cycle of mold pattern manufacturing consists of:

  • Creation of 3D model.
  • Providing the technical documentation.
  • Development of technology for different types of casting.
  • Designing of casting technology and technological equipment.
  • Programs development for CNC machine in order to manufacture the molding elements.
  • Manufacturing of individual elements for molding equipment and its assembling.
  • Output control of the manufactured mold pattern.
  • Technical support and launching of mold equipment.

Molds Manufacturing Materials

Molding equipment of “DPL” Foundry is manufactured from traditional materials – metal and industrial wood.

  • Waterproof multilayer plywood. The bulk of molding equipment is made from plywood. Wooden mold pattern equipment (wood and plywood) is considered as classic due to simplicity of material processing. The main advantages of wooden equipment are low weight and low cost. However, it is preferable to use such mold patterns only for single or small-scale production and for heavy products manufacturing.
  • Aluminum alloys and steels. Aluminum mold pattern equipment and core boxes are much more durable than wooden equipment. Nevertheless, manufacturing of metal equipment will be profitable only for the automated large-scale production due to its high labor intensity, manufacturing cost and high weight.

While choosing the material for mold pattern equipment, we take into account the quantity of required castings, conditions of operation, casting technology, method of molds and cores manufacturing (manual or machine), the type of molding and core equipment, configuration complication, the speed of processing and durability. Also, the type of material is very important for final cost of the products

Experienced team of “Dnepropromlit” Foundry provides expert advices regarding the required material by taking into account the quantity of castings to reach the highest quality.

Mold pattern equipment manufacturing, based on the required quantity, quality and complication of castings, allows ensuring the high quality at minimum expenses.

Molds Manufacturing Equipment

Modern computer-aided design systems appliance allows the manufacturing of products with complicated elements, the development of manufacturing and technological programs for CNC machines.

Multiaxis CNC machines, such as AWEA, HAAS, WEEKE, are used by “DPL” for the production of mold patterns. Applying of modern high-tech equipment allows to reduce the time of mold pattern manufacturing, to improve its accuracy, to obtain products with the required surface smoothness.

Thereby, if you order the mold pattern at “DPL” Foundry, you receive castings with a high surface quality and proper dimensions with minimum expenses. Mold pattern manufacturing on CNC machines, based on the three-dimensional model, allows obtaining exact copies of previously produced model sets or its individual parts.


The advantages of mold pattern equipment manufacturing by experts of “Dnepropromlit” Foundry

Mold pattern equipment is an important part of modern foundry; therefore, all works are performed by highly qualified specialists. The main advantages of mold pattern equipment manufacturing by experts of “Dnepropromlit” Foundry are the following:

  • Complete production cycle, starting from the development of 3D model till the manufacture of finished goods.
  • The shortest timeframe for order accomplishment.
  • Production of large-sized goods.
  • Mold patterns made from wood and aluminum.
  • Compliance with technical standards of Ukraine and EU.
  • Optimal price for the mold pattern manufacturing.

Our foundry implements the projects from the start till the final stages – from the drawings design and molds manufacture till the release of ready casting.