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25 years since the foundation of the business

On the 22nd of December “Dnepropromlit” celebrates its anniversary – quarter of a century from the Day of Foundation! There were many victorious moments, which inspired us, and some tough stages, which tempered and made us stronger.

The trend of development and growth was set 25 years ago and it continues till today. Every year we improve the technical, technological and management processes. The average age of team members in the company is about 35 years old, therefore, we are experienced, professional, full of energy and innovative ideas.

Our team, our partners and customers know “DPL” as a mature company. Sometimes we act like adventurers, but we are sure that this is the way to change, to improve, to create.

The DPL participation at Interpipe DNIPRO Half Marathon 2017

On 28th May Dnipro held the main sportive running event in the city – Interpipe DNIPRO Half Marathon 2017. The Second Dniprovs’k International Semi-Marathon gathered together 2500 runners at the starting line accompanied by the applause of 8000 spectators.
Our company is trying to support activities of such nature by all means, after all Dnipro is European city with relevant values and merits.
An active way of life, development of sport activities are the most important priorities for each of us.
Therefore, the five team members of the DPL Company had become direct contestants of the running Ukraine. In addition incredible support from fan-colleagues during the race has united employees and raised the corporate spirit.

Mastering production of new products

DPL LLC successfully expands the range of products in commercial production.
At the end of 2016 the contract with the PJSC “Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine” was signed, which is the largest cement plant in the southern part of Ukraine.
PJSC “Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine” is the enterprise equipped with high-performance machinery, where the barrow excavation and raw materials extraction are performed using modern powerful technological equipment. Therefore the selection process of Suppliers for the OEM components for the kilns is taking special attention of the company.
And DPL LLC had received the production order of the casting “Grate Bar” made of the heat-resistant steel with weight over 77 kg.
This part is used in the kiln conveyor belt, and has high requirements in quality, as a result DPL had mastered commercial production of this part.
We are pleased to welcome new partner PJSC “Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine” and express our confidence in the continuous successful cooperation.

Acquisition of New Equipment

Our company constantly strives to expand the range of manufactured products and

develop new parts in order to fulfil your most difficult orders.

In this regard, we regularly replenish the equipment fleet.

Our new acquisition is a 2-position CNC lathe of renowned world brand EMAG VSC-315 (produced in Germany).


Having the Volunteer Clean-up Day

On April 8, there was a city volunteer clean-up day in Dnipro.

Employees of our company supported the initiative and decided to start with themselves. We cleaned the production yard and the adjoining territory of the plant in a good company outdoors. We express our gratitude to all participants and call for the revival of such useful team building activities!

All in our hands!

Heartily Congratulations on the St. Nicholas Day!

Dear Partners and Colleagues!

Accept our congratulations on the Saint Nicholas Day!

We wish you all the good, happiness, love and sincerity.

Let every house have a cosy atmosphere, full of positive and warm feelings and emotions.

It is very important to keep the faith in miracles in your heart, and to help come true.

Therefore, a good tradition of our plant is to congratulate the children

from Barvinok orphan home (address: 45, Yantarnaia Street) on the St. Nicholas Day.

Words cannot describe the feelings that fill your heart

when you communicate with these children.

We invite you to help these deprived children and visit them as well.

Once again, we congratulate you on the holiday, which fills the heart with love and kindness.

14th of October – the Day of the Defenders of Ukraine

Dear colleagues and partners!

The DPL team extends sincere congratulations with such a significant holiday for all of us, deserving heir of the greatest ancestors!

The day of Ukrainian defender is a holiday that imbibes rich and glorious Cossack traditions. We wish you the marital bliss, family comfort, Cossack health, boundless energy and peace! Let your fortitude and strength always base on love and support of nearest and dearest ones.

And after any disagreements and fights that are frequently happen in everyday life at work and home may the peace and comfort always be with you.

Splendid health, endless success and reliable rear!

No end to Cossack kin! Happy holiday!

The implementation of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015.

The aim of DPL LLC is the production and shipping of the quality castings in accordance with national and international standards as well as individual customer requirements.
To achieve this goal our company has successfully passed recurrent certification of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Thus we reaffirm the highest standards of production, dedication to our commitments on making products consistently of a high quality, which are rated on the international market.
Therefore purchasing products of our Company you implement the broadest potentialities in obtaining certified castings of great quality.