Development. Progress. Loyalty.


Closed-circuit production cycle

  • Development and production of manufacturing tooling for all types of casting
  • Cast-iron and steel casting for a wide range of dimensions (from 0.2 kg up to 2500 kg)
  • CNC machining on the up-to-the-minute machining centres


3000 tons of high-quality castings per year with 100 staff members - indication of flexibility and mobility of production as well as high productivity and resourcefulness of the personnel

Automatic flaskless molding

State-of-the-art automatic molding equipment from leading world-renown casting machinery suppliers - leaders in the field of molding and casting systems

Large-volume production

  • Automatic flaskless molding for large-batch production and small-sized parts (small castings from 0.2 kg)
  • New levels of productivity with casting equipment from Heinrich Wagner Sinto (Germany) and SIntokogio (Japan)

Unparalleled quality of products

Exclusive surface smoothness, low roughness and out standing surface characteristics through casting with vacuum molding at Heinrich Wagner Sinto VDT-6 V-process installation.

Experience of international cooperation

Broad experience and established cooperative ties with a multitude of European and Russian suppliers and clients.

Owner’s WordDear partners and friends! I am very pleased to welcome you on the pages of our updated web-site. We have changed its appearance to the better for your convenience.  We intentionally resolved to take such steps, since the very existence of our enterprise is a history of innovation and development, achievements and victories. Apparently, we are not the ones to rest on our laurels, once we have accomplished something. We are happy to welcome both our existing clients and new, potential partners, while our new web-page, hopefully, would provide a much deeper understanding of prospects of cooperation with our company.  Our enterprise is not simply a successful synergy of creative approach and resourcefulness – we are a unity of like-minded people, in the first place, sharing the similar vision of the tomorrow. We are here to grow, to realize the most daring production projects and to aid you, our esteemed clients, to embody your ideas and to turn your visions into reality.



     Co-founder of the company –  Vadim Yatsenko   


About enterpriseLLC DPL is a modern, state-of-the-art foundry, certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standard. Over a 15-year experience in developing the most cutting-edge technologies and casting processes, the company has become one of the undisputed leaders in the market of manufacturing cast components, made from ductile iron (spherical graphite iron), alloyed cast iron and heat-resistant steels. Full, close-loop production cycle for castings as well as automated flaskless molding allows manufacturing up to 3000 tons of high-quality cast parts a year, aiming at both medium-batch and large-batch production schedules.  Owing to high level of technological advancement of the plant, which incorporates horizontal flaskless molding line (green sand molding) and vacuum molding process (V-process), as well as its own production of molding cores according to the two most widely spread technological processes in the world (cold box process and shell process), LLC DPL can rightfully boast to be one of the leading and most innovative manufacturing facilities for casting in the Eastern-European region.  Outstanding achievements of the casting production are furthermore supplemented by massive production capacities in terms of CNC machining, performed on the latest machining centers, originating from Japan, Germany and Taiwan. Such technical capabilities multiplied by skilled and experienced staff provide a possibility for the enterprise to implement virtually any innovative production projects while greatly minimizing the product launch time, which proves to be essential in the conditions of the modern production sequence.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Co-founder of the company – Konstantin Kosogov